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The Aqua-Jaw™ Handle Kit accessory adds two more handles to each unit, enabling four people to share the load. One set includes four handles (enough for two vises).



Handle Kit for Aqua-Jaw & Mega-Jaw

SKU: 002OMC132
  • Product Name Aqua-Jaw™ Handle Kit
    Part # AJ-128-HK-15
    MSRP $65.00 USD
    Includes  Four handles (for one pair of Aqua-Jaws)
    Product Weight 1.5 lb
    Package Dimensions 6" x 6" x 3"
    Shipping Weight 2 lb
    Materials Aluminum, zinc plated steel, EPDM closed-cell foam rubber grips
    Notes Currently available in the USA, Canada, and Europe only.

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