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Hogger Sponge Fiber Pads Face Polish Engineered Quartz, Marble, and Granite.


How to remove swirls or scratch out of a Engineered Quartz Surface or Granite


  • Use GEO 3 Step or White Label 3 Step Pads 1,2,3 in sequence feathering out with each grit.
  • Using a polisher at LOW 800-1500RPM start at 500,1000,2000 Hogger in sequence - WET.
  • Afterwards check surface to make sure the polish is blending.  You can use additional grits 3000, 6000 if the polish is not blended.


  • For Etch marks or swirls or scratches on Marble, start straight at 500 Grit Hogger.




Hogger Sponge Fiber Pads