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Every business owner I talk with wants to know the ROI of the No Lift. I would be worried if you didn’t ask that!

Before we invented the cart, we were sending a shop guy into the field 2 times a week on average just to help with heavy or awkward pieces. Each trip of 3 hours was costing us $121.00. That doesn’t seem like much, but when adds up to $242.00 per week or $1000.00 per month. Per year that’s $12,000. It’s a lot of lost revenue!

Aside from being able to retain your highly skilled installers and reduce the risk of injury and workers comp claim, I chatted with another owner about his average expenses related to this. He broke down an average year of what things were costing him:

$1000/mo = $12000/yr – Sending extra crew to the field
$350/mo = $4200/yr – Installer fatigue and lost time due to carrying pieces as opposed to ramping/rolling.
$7800/yr – Assuming 2 broken counters annually
Total: $24,000/yr!




No Lift System


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