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Use exclusively with GOLD EVOLUTION Colored Hardener, available in 20 colors, to match 95% of all stone colors.  Easy to use, versatile and provides tremendous cost savings.  Designed for the toughest bonding applications including porcelain, sintered, quartz and dense granite.


COLOR & ACTIVATE in (3) easy steps…

(1) Select your preferred size of GOLD EVOLUTION Stone Adhesive (BASE)

(Quart • Gallon • 5-Gallon • THE BIG BOX)

(2) Select your preferred color(s) of GOLD EVOLUTION Colored Hardener

(20 AVAILABLE COLORS)  (1oz. Tube  •  4oz. Tube)

(3) When ready to bond, add GOLD EVOLUTION Colored Hardener to COLOR & ACTIVATE the adhesive at the same time

Superior GOLD Evolution Colored Hardener