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Unique slot and rim design give the ZENESIS™ Continuous Rim Blade unparalleled and effortless cutting precision and performance. Since the blade incorporates ZENESIS™ pattern technology, fabricators can count on exceptionally smooth and chip-free cutting of porcelain tile, granite and other hard materials.

  • Smooth cutting of porcelain, granite and other hard materials
  • Use 4", 4.5", 5" and 6" wet or dry.
  • All other sizes must be used wet.

Zenesis Continuous Rim

  • Part No. Diameter Segment Arbor Size
      ZLPS10P0406C 4" 6.5mm 7/8"-5/8"+20mm
    ZLPS10P4506C 4.5" 6.5mm 7/8"-5/8"+20mm
    ZLPS10P0506C 5" 6.5mm 7/8"-5/8"+20mm
    ZLPS10P0606C 6" 6.5mm 7/8"-5/8"+20mm
      ZLPS10P0706U 7" 9mm U/A (DM -5/8")
    ZLPS10P0806E 8" 9mm 1"-5/8"
    ZLPS10P0806U 8" 9mm U/A (DM -5/8")
    ZLPS10P1008E 10" 9mm 1"-5/8"
    ZLPS10P1208E 12" 9.5mm 1"-5/8"
    ZLPS10P1208T 12" 9.5mm 50/60mm
    ZLPS10P1408E 14" 9.5mm 1"-5/8"
    ZLPS10P1408T 14" 9.5mm 50/60mm

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